Year 5 take a trip to The Ness

One dark, dark (or should I say dim, murky) night, Year 5 set off for The Ness in order to gather ideas for their writing. We decided to challenge ourselves by taking away the vibrant colours and evocative sights that we had see for our first trip to the Botanical Gardens. This time, we had to listen much harder, smell a little deeper and feel all the more carefully in order to come up with suitable descriptions for the thicket we were in. 

We listened intently and heard the fair roar of the sea beyond the cliffs and hoot of an owl, undiscovered, nearby. The trip was a lot of fun but the whole class worked hard to expand their vocabulary and think of similes to use in their writing.

As we were packing up to return, the rain started to fall gently. However, many of the class were undaunted and used the opportunity to think of some descriptive phrases about the rain they could use in their story. 

As the writing wall in the classroom looms large over Year 5, they are now forearmed and ready to tackle it head on with some first-hand, vivid descriptions of the woods at night time. I personally can't wait to find out what lurks behind those mysterious boughs although something tells me I might be left hanging... 

Mr Watts - Year 5 Class Teacher






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