Family Groups Timetable - Summer Term 2018


What are our aspirations/ hopes and dreams?

If you could be anything you wanted to be when you grow up, what would it be? 



Earth Day 

What is beautiful about Earth?

What is ugly/ needs improvement? (human damage)

What can we do to protect it?

Introduce/ read ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds
What did Vashti think she wasn’t good at? 
Who believed in Vashti?
When did Vashti realise she could be even better if she tried?

Continuing work from ‘The Dot’
Self-evaluation – by believing in ourselves and our abilities, and by taking the time to try to get better we can achieve things we thought we couldn’t



Deaf Awareness Week

What might it be like to be deaf? 
What would be tricky? 
How might you feel?
How would you feel if someone made the effort to use sign language with you?
Learn some sign language e.g hello, thank you, how are you? Sorry, would you like a drink?


Recap ‘The Dot’ story
Patience, self belief, practice, determination, not giving up, being supportive of others’ aspirations Vashti thought she couldn’t draw at the start of the story. Can you think of something you think you can’t do….or something you used to think you couldn’t do?

Half Term


BOOK SHARE – mixed groups

National School Grounds Week
We are very lucky to go to a school in such a beautiful area of the country. We are also very lucky to have lovely school grounds to play outside in.  What do we have in our outdoor area? What are your favourite things about it?
Aspiration in Sport
Look at 3 posters of famous sports people
What sports are these people famous for?
What qualities do you think they had to have/ work on to achieve their goals?
What qualities did we show on sports day?

Healthy Eating

Last week we thought about inspirational sports personalities and what qualities they needed to achieve their goals. Part of being a successful athlete means taking care of your body. 


Remind children of their aspirations at the start of the term.

What do we need to do/ be to achieve our aspirations. 


Re-read ‘The Dot’ to remind us where aspiration can take us.


Reflections on the year.

What have you most enjoyed?

What are your aspirations for next year?

Play some games to celebrate the new friendships formed in our family groups 

Summer Holidays

Forest School

In our family groups we take part in Forest School as a part of our commitment to outside learning and vertically tiered learning opportunities. Click on the link below to find why Forest School Day is already high on the list of best days of school for many of our pupils.

Forest School at Shaldon