Summer Term 2018 Assembly Focus

Composer: Camille Saint-Saëns – French composer, organist, conductor and pianist - 1835 – 1921

Artist: Robert Wiegand - painter and video artist - 1934-1993

Termly Value to focus on and unpack: Aspiration

Termly Virtue: Patience



Assembly Timetable - Summer 2018


Welcome back. Introduce Robert Weigand (powerpoint attached). Reception and Year 1 looked at this artist when designing and making their own stars for their nativity set. What is the common theme between all the pieces the pictures? (They all show stars).

‘Reach for the stars’ – what does this mean? (aiming for the best, the impossible, reaching dreams no matter how far away they seem).

Links to our value for this term: Aspiration. We need to believe we can achieve anything we want to (if we try hard enough). It is very hard to become a well-known artist like Robert Weigand, but he believed in himself. Aspiration is not just about wanting to do amazing things, it’s about believing we can do them.


Shaun Spring from ‘The Final Straw’ to come in and talk about plastics – we need to aspire to be responsible and caring citizens for the world around us.


Here is a short film about a little girl who does not show aspiration at the start of this story.

The Dot by Peter Reyolds

What made Vashti change her attitude/ feelings?

How did Vashti end up being so successful? (“I can do better….”)

Who inspired Vashti to try, and then try to be better?

Look at how Vashti’s teacher demonstrates patience

Does Vashti demonstrate patience by the end?


Bank Holiday Monday

14.5.18 Open the Book – Rev Catherine and Rev Annie & the team

Tamara – deaf child who wants to be a ballerina

What is this girl’s aspiration?

There can be lots of things that get in the way of our hopes and dreams…what is making it challenging for this little girl?

Think how the mother supports her child’s aspirations. We must also encourage, support and help others to achieve their goals – like Tamara’s mum and Vashti’s teacher. We need to show patience with others.

Half Term


Open the Book – Rev Catherine and Rev Annie & the team

18.6.18 13th-17th National School Grounds Week – encouraging schools to get out and use their school grounds. How can we show patience with those around us in our school grounds/ outdoor play?
25.6.18 Sports Day

Open the Book – Rev Catherine and Rev Annie & the team


What could you aspire to be? What different jobs are available? (Long term aspirations). Why is the virtue of patience important with long term aspirations?

What are you short term aspirations? (to do the best piece of home learning ever, to revise every day for SATs, to be more helpful at home, to get better at piano, to be a kinder friend etc )


Last week, we focused on aspirations for the future; the goals and dreams we hoped to reach.  Look at famous inspirational people who had big aspirations e.g Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai, J K Rowling

Aspiring to be the best people we can be. These people did not just want to fufil their own hopes and dreams, they aspired to help others and be the best person they could be (global citizens/ making a difference to the world around us).


Reflections on the year – pictures of school achievements, experiences etc – well done. Happy Summer Holidays!

Summer Holidays